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EP11010 – The Perfect Roast!

The Perfect Roast!

Monday’s Menu!
Whenever I have people over & serve roast; I always get asked how I form a nice crust on the outside & have a perfectly rare inside. This is all about timing and temperature! There is nothing like a spiced hard crust, while locking in all the juices and having a perfectly rare roast. I probably cook 2-3 of these per week… especially if I am on a diet. It is lean, there are few calories, and it is a whole food.

The problem with most roasts is that they get obliterated during the cooking process in an attempt to make sure they are cooked through. Most people treat their roasts like they treat their hamburger, yet they are two very different cuts. Roast are processed FAR less than burger, and hence pose far less danger if cooked a bit on the rare side. Don’t torture your family with a dry, tough, mealy roast. Serve them something juicy and done perfectly!

My son hates all food that isn’t processed! But even he eats my roasts! It’s easy, quick, & inexpensive. It will also get your children to love roast night!

REMEMBER, about 12 minutes for a smaller one & 16-18 for a larger one. Play with the times to get it right where you like it (+/- a minute at a time!)

Eye of Round Beef Roast (Angus Eye Round)
Garlic Powder
Coarsely Ground Black Pepper
Onion Powder/Salt

Cutting Board
Very Sharp Knife
9X9 Cooking Dish (Pyrex)

Watch the video silly!

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