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EP11006 – Canning Made Easy!

Canning Made Easy!!

Monday’s Menu!
Here is a show about canning your sauces. When you are pressed for time, and have to choose between homemade and store bought, sometimes you end up with a lesser store bought sauce. Then whatever effort you put into the meal is wasted. This way, you can make double, triple or more batches, can/jar them, and store them on a shelf. Then the next time you want a nice homemade sauce, you just go to the closet and open a jar! Now the effort you put into making a meal is not spoiled…. it is made better by using one of your own homemade sauces!!!!

The best part about this, is it only took you the time it takes to open a jar!

Now, it is important that you follow the direction exactly to ensure safety and health for your family. You cant can/jar any sauces with meat in them. (for obvious reasons)
Follow these easy steps, and have homemade sauces any day of the week! (You can also do pickles etc…coming soon!)

Your favorite sauces!

Canning/Stock Pot
White hand towels (nothing with dyes)
Mason Jars, rings, & NEW lids
Jar extractor (your really need this)
Canning funnel

Watch the video silly!

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