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EP11008 – Homebrew Brew You Own Beer At Home!

Making Homebrew – Lager!

Monday’s Menu!
I noticed a number of years ago that store bought beer would give me headaches. This wasn’t always the case. There was a time when I could drink it. Something changed, something they used to make the beer. I then noticed I didnt have that issue when I visited England and had pints at the pub. This sent me on a mission to brew my own beer, and see if I got the headaches. I didn’t. Now I only use & drink beer I make. No headaches for Andy!

Brewing is very simple and done from a small handful of ingredients… however, it is the most fought about thing in food/brewing circles I have ever seen.
What I have done here is shown you how “I” make my beer. This is what works for me. You may find other ways to do this out there, heck you may do it differently yourself… this is what works for me.

Although I mostly cook with it, every once in a while I will enjoy an Imperial pint of Lager from the Menu From Mars brewery! Fresh, clean, and NO CHEMICALS!!!!
Homebrewers are the Gourmets of the beer world. There are so many possibilities it will make your head spin! Which makes this damn interesting!

This is fun, less expensive than most beer, and is tastes like nothing else. If you have never had a fresh homemade brew… you are really missing out!


Ingredients for Lager:
**Amounts may vary depending on where you get your supplies & what you are making.
Fresh cracked grains
Brewers yeast
Malt Extract (can be done with grains as well)
Hops 2-3 different kinds (can be pellets)
Clean filtered water
Priming sugar
Ice cubes
(all of this can be provided in the correct amounts from your local homebrew supplier)

Two 7 gallon buckets with spout
Bottling tubing
Bottle filler
Cheese cloth bag/Grain bag
Manual capper
24 bottles (22 ounce) & caps
Stock pot
Strainer (with catchers)
Pan with towel
Sanitizer powder
Grain alcohol (optional)
rubber gloves
Rubbermaid 30 gallon tote (or kiddie pool!)

Watch the video silly!

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