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About Your Host… We warned you!

EP12002 – Hand Pulled BBQ Pork!

Hand Pulled BBQ Pork!

Monday’s Menu!
If you were to ask anyone we know what my signature dish is, they would tell you it’s my pulled pork (hand pulled). I have donated this to fund raisers and to my son’s schools for harvest festivals alike. We even auctioned it off for his schools and the school received over $400 for it!This is a process that can take anywhere from 2 to 7 days. This all depends on how long you have to cook it.

By hand pulling it (the only way in my opinion to do this correctly) you ensure that there will be no connective tissue in your sandwiches. There is usually collagen left in the foil packs that can be added back in after you pull it (this is what makes ribs and pulled pork finger lickin’!). This is my way of doing this, and most people have their own.

I also use a propane smoker as it allows me to set a perfect temperature without having to sit over it all day for 3-4 days. Some people swear by regular wood/lump smokers. I cannot argue with that, but what I can say is that I know that theirs will not taste any better. So it’s personal choice here. What works for you?

I have been doing pulled pork for decades. I have perfected my recipe and technique… however, as you will see in this show, I am always trying new things to tweak it as well. This is Zen for me. I enjoy doing pulled pork more than any other dish. Get ready for some awesome BBQ! Enjoy!

2-12 Pork Butts (Upper and lower)
Red Rub
2-3 Beers (homebrew) or Apple Juice/Cider
1 Bag Hickory Wood Chips
1/2 bag Apple or Cherry Wood Chips
1 Apple (optional)
1-6 Quarts Homemade BBQ sauce (see episode EP11005)

Aluminum Pans
Aluminum Foil (Heavy Duty)
Runner Gloves
Pan or Bowl (for soaking wood chips)
Ruined pair of potholders or High temp gloves
Fridge space
Vacuum Sealer with bags

Watch the video silly!

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EP11015 – Season One Wrap!

EP11015 – Season One Wrap!

Monday’s Menu!
This is my Season One Wrap! I talk about different shows, what is coming in Season Two, and I even threw in some bloopers at the end! Thank you everyone for a great Season One! Working on Season two now, and even adding a new category or two for different types of new episodes! Enjoy everyone, I had a frikin blast!
Thank you!

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My New Radio Spot!!!!

From the great people at Kiss 104.7

They did such a great job! This is fun, funny, and a perfect radio spot for me and my little site!


Menu From Mars Radio Spot!

How frikin cool was that?!

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Preview of 7th Episode! – Tiramisu

Here is a preview of my first dessert recipe! (It wont be my last, I have a TON!)

Also I have put 5 small commercials in this episode spoofing the 1800 commercials!
(A lot of fun doing these!) Thank you to Indee & Jack for the suit!

This will be my longest episode to date…
reason being is that this is a fairly involved process and I wanted to make sure I got it all in for you guys!
Desserts can be that way… and I am pushing right up against YouTube’s limits again with this one…lol

This will be uploaded to YouTube over night Sunday, and I will post it here Monday morning!

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Preview Of 4th Episode!

Okay, a little late, but here is the preview of the episode that will be up a little later today!

This one, and the commercial, was a lot of fun to do… one of my favorite meals to make and eat!

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It Begins Now!!!!

I have uploaded the Introduction to my show to You Tube!
Watch It Now!

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