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My New Radio Spot!!!!

From the great people at Kiss 104.7

They did such a great job! This is fun, funny, and a perfect radio spot for me and my little site!


Menu From Mars Radio Spot!

How frikin cool was that?!

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Preview of 7th Episode! – Tiramisu

Here is a preview of my first dessert recipe! (It wont be my last, I have a TON!)

Also I have put 5 small commercials in this episode spoofing the 1800 commercials!
(A lot of fun doing these!) Thank you to Indee & Jack for the suit!

This will be my longest episode to date…
reason being is that this is a fairly involved process and I wanted to make sure I got it all in for you guys!
Desserts can be that way… and I am pushing right up against YouTube’s limits again with this one…lol

This will be uploaded to YouTube over night Sunday, and I will post it here Monday morning!

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Preview Of 4th Episode!

Okay, a little late, but here is the preview of the episode that will be up a little later today!

This one, and the commercial, was a lot of fun to do… one of my favorite meals to make and eat!

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Preview Of Third Episode!

Well the whimpering of Irene (at least in this area) took down power
for 5 days last week… odd. Seriously, no idea why the power was out for
5 days as the storm was barely a rain storm here???

Anyway, here are some preview pictures of the new episode going up
for this Monday’s Menu!

This is a great one!

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Preview of Second Episode!

Here are some pictures of the second episode.
It is already edited, and encoded and ready for “Monday’s Menu!”.

However, YouTube will only let me upload videos under 15mins right now, so this will have to be a 2two part episode. I will upload both parts Monday, and chenge it to one file/episode when YouTube lifts my 15min limit!


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Preview of First Episode!

I finished editing and am encoding the very first episode of Menu From mars!
I should be able to get it up tomorrow if it uploads over night!
If so, I will upload a new episode (when they are available) every Monday for “Monday’s Menu!”

Here are some pictures from the first episode!

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