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Reviews of foods I like and the places I get them!

RV22001 – Voodoo Blackened Steak Tips – Orchard Street Chop Shop!

Voodoo Blackened Steak Tips – Orchard Street Chop Shop in Dover, NH

Monday’s Menu!
Dry Aged Beef!!!!
This is a review of one of my favorite places to go to eat on the planet! I never eat out unless I know the place can make something better than I can… Chris Kozlowski (Koz), is so much better at this than I am it is almost sad! He takes dry aged tenderloin and cuts it into steak tips! He then lays this with sweet soft peppers on a bed of beans and rice (to die for), then smothers it in a sauce that will make you cry it is so good! He even walks us through how to make it!

I truly have a love affair with this dish and my bride and I go there for this dish multiple times per year. We actually go there no matter what on every wedding anniversary just for the Voodoo Blackened Steak Tips! (Which, incidentally, were named after the lager he uses in the sauce and not because the tips are cooked to be blackened)

Homemade Worcestershire sauce is added… and to be honest, I have had a ton of rice and beans in my life… Koz’s are second to none. You find everything in them from pork and sausage, to veggies of every kind. I cannot emphasize enough how much you need to try these! Now at $18 per plate… still the best bargain out there. You will rarely see me in a restaurant, and if you do… it is VERY rare you will see me there more than once. Except this place! Fantastic building, great martini bar, friendly staff, and Koz still comes out and walks around to tables to ensure you are enjoying your food!

Beautiful food that is absolutely DELICIOUS! The cooler he dry ages in is right at the front door! Cigar bar, pool table, Elegant fine dining downstairs, and a less formal (but no less tasty) dining area upstairs named “Top of the Chop”. If you drive within a hundred miles of this place, take the detour and check them out… so worth it! (You’re Welcome!) Enjoy!

Orchard Street Chop Shop
“Top of the Chop”
1 Orchard St
Dover, NH 03820

Phone: (603) 749-0006


Stop by and tell him I sent you! You will love it!!!

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RV12001 – Subs At Benedetti’s Deli!

Subs At Benedetti’s Deli in Haverhill, MA!

Monday’s Menu!
Home of the Rocket!
This is a review of one of my favorite foods on the planet! A Marc Anthony on a Fantini sub roll from Benedetti’s Deli in Haverhill, MA!
The family who owner operate this (Mary, Marc, & Ed) are some of the nicest people on the planet!
They really go the extra mile, make great subs on fresh bakery bread (from across the street!), and just make the whole experience a memory!

Beautiful food that is inexpensive and DELICIOUS! You will NEVER EVER convince me that there is a better sub place anywhere in the world… and for good reason!
Watch the show, but more importantly, go there and have one for yourself! You will not be sorry!

Benedetti’s Deli
350 Washington Street
Haverhill, MA 03832

Phone: 978-372-2097


It is SOOOOOOOOO worth the trip. if you are within 250-300 miles, make the trip… you’ll thank me!

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