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EP11013 – Strawberries, Cordials & Chocolate Fondant Covered!

Strawberries, Cordials & Chocolate Fondant Covered!

Monday’s Menu!
The chocolate & fondant covered strawberries is a recipe I have been working on and trying to perfect for about 20 years. I have tried various ways of applying the fondant from cold dipped to hot dipped. This recipe has me wrapping fondant around the strawberries before dipping them in chocolate. What you get is a chocolate shell filled with strawberry and sugar juice, a strawberry, and a small fluffy pad of fondant… many different layers & flavors, all of which boarder on almost “too sweet”… but not quite!

The cordial recipe is just for fun, I brought it along because when strawberries are in season, you need to do as much with them as possible, and also to be able to time/gauge when my chocolates are ready inside! This is a great way to judge, as when the cordial is ready, the chocolates are too! This can be anywhere from 4-10 days. (The longer the better!

The idea for this came from a chocolate place called “Betsy Anne” out of PA. They have been around since 1938-ish. I have to say, making them myself they taste much better though. More strawberry taste. Theirs are great, but with anything, when you can make it yourself and you use the best ingredients… it taste’s better!

Chocolate Fondant Covered Strawberries:
2 lbs+ 10x Powdered sugar (pure cane)
2 lb-ish Melting bar (Milk or Dark Chocolate)
1/2 cup Light Corn Syrup
1 TBL Glycerin
1/4 cup cold water
24-36 Strawberries topped

Strawberry Cordial!
24-36oz of good vodka
24-360z Strawberries forthed
1/2-1 Cup granulated sugar
1-1 1/2 cups water

Chocolate Fondant Covered Strawberries:
Small Crock-pot or double boiler
Dough scraper
Silicon scraper
BIG bowl
Rolling pin with hair elastics (new) or a fondant rolling pin
2 cookie sheets
Parchment paper
Microwavable bowl
Egg dipper (from those cheap egg coloring kits)

Strawberry Cordial!
Medium Sauce Pan
Measuring cups
Plastic wrap
Coffee filter (round is better than funnel shape)
Empty Vodka bottles or Mason jars
Small bowl for left over strawberries

Watch the video silly!

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EP11007 – Tiramisu!


Monday’s Menu!
I have been asked for a dessert recipe, and this is the one I will start with. I have a ton of recipes for great desserts, and I happened to film this episode this past summer. My sister asked for this recipe just a few days ago, so I figured I better get it on the site! This, if followed correctly, will make a wonderful Tiramisu with filling/topping that stands up nicely, and has just the right amount of firmness. The sweetness of the mascarpone/whipped cream balanced against the espresso & rum, make for an unbelievable mixture of tastes and textures. This is something I get asked to make every year for a family reunion… and it always gets finnished!

This episode is nearly 50 minutes, but that is because it is a long process and I wanted to be sure you got to see everything. There is nothing worse than trying to follow a recipe, and having a step truncated or skipped for time constraints. On the bright side, I put 5 15-20 second commercials with Uhn-Cletus in the episode to break it up!

Enjoy… and wait until you taste this!

Several packages of sugared lady fingers (at least 2)
3 8 ounce packages Mascarpone cheese
16 ounces CHILLED Heavy Cream
Rum ( I suggest Rhum Barbancourt Estate Reserve 15 years)
Espresso (something top shelf)
6 large egg yokes (room temperature & wash shells with antibacterial soap)
1 1/2 cups sugar
1 package plain/original Gelatin
1 VERY dark chocolate candy bar

Stand Mixer (or beater)
several large bowls (Remember to chill the ones for the cream and cheese)
Wire wisk
Stove top Espresso pot
9X13 Pyrex casserole dish (or comparable, mine says 9 1/2 by 13 1/2)
Measuring spoon & cups
Glass pie plate, or shallow bowl/container
Plastic wrap
Refrigerator & Freezer

Watch the video silly!

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