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EP11011 – Homemade Italian Pasta Red Sauce!

Homemade Red Pasta Sauce

Monday’s Menu!
This is an Italian pasta red sauce that has been in my family for generations. This is my version of it. Some recipes handed down through families are good for each person to make their own, or are recipes that just need to stay the exact way they handed handed down. This one is one of those that you make for a while as written, then turn into your own recipe with the things your family like. This is my twist on my family’s Italian pasta red sauce… and it’s DAMN GOOD!…lol I have worked on this recipe for over 20 years, and will probably do so for another 40! I have incorporated meatballs from my wife’s family into the sauce too!

This is actually a double show in that I show you two different ways to make the sauce. Once is full of meats and vegetable chunks that you freeze the left overs and use throughout the month. The other is a smoother sauce that you can jar/can and leave on the shelf to be enjoyed any time in the future. My son loves pasta, so we jar his sauce in smaller mason jars so that he can have spaghetti whenever he desires. Our sauce, however, should not be canned due to the meats and veggie chunks. Although in certain instances you can jar veggies and or meats… this is not an instance that lends itself to it.

This has fresh mushrooms, hot Italian sausage, meatballs from my wife’s Italian family, chunks of burger, onions, peppers, wine, all kinds of spices… mmmmmmm!

The very best thing about this recipe it is allows you to add whatever you want or like, then over time, it becomes YOURS!!!! Let’s face it… these kinds of recipes are the very best, as any recipe that can be changed easily to become your own version over time… is what cooking is all about!


2 28 ounce cans of Contadina Tomato Sauce
2 28 ounce cans of Contadina Tomato Puree
1 18 ounce can of Contadina Tomato Paste
1/2 cup Italian bread crumbs (MUST be Italian bread crumbs)
1/4 cup Parmigiano-Reggiano shake cheese
12+ links of Hot Italian Sausage cut into thirds
1 lb hamburger browned and crumbled & drained
1 lb+ meatballs (or as many as you want)
2 green peppers diced
1 LARGE or 2 medium onions diced
1 whole bulb of garlic peeled & minced very fine
1 carrot washed, halved & unpeeled
2 TBLs of sugar (This is a no-no to most Italians, but I feel it is needed for this recipe)
1 cup of Merlot (or your favorite red wine…try Merlot first)
1/2 cup water swished through empty cans of sauce & puree
I large package of thick sliced mushrooms (or cut your own fresh mushrooms, the thicker the better)
2 Bay leaves
Italian seasoning

Large stock pot (or any large pot) with lid
Cutting board
Sharp knife
Aluminum foil
Cookie/baking sheets
Measuring cups & spoons
Can opener
Cork screw
Large spoon for stirring
(Alternative recipe will need:)
Food processor
Small to medium mason jars

Watch the video silly!
AND watch EP1106 on canning!

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EP11008 – Homebrew Brew You Own Beer At Home!

Making Homebrew – Lager!

Monday’s Menu!
I noticed a number of years ago that store bought beer would give me headaches. This wasn’t always the case. There was a time when I could drink it. Something changed, something they used to make the beer. I then noticed I didnt have that issue when I visited England and had pints at the pub. This sent me on a mission to brew my own beer, and see if I got the headaches. I didn’t. Now I only use & drink beer I make. No headaches for Andy!

Brewing is very simple and done from a small handful of ingredients… however, it is the most fought about thing in food/brewing circles I have ever seen.
What I have done here is shown you how “I” make my beer. This is what works for me. You may find other ways to do this out there, heck you may do it differently yourself… this is what works for me.

Although I mostly cook with it, every once in a while I will enjoy an Imperial pint of Lager from the Menu From Mars brewery! Fresh, clean, and NO CHEMICALS!!!!
Homebrewers are the Gourmets of the beer world. There are so many possibilities it will make your head spin! Which makes this damn interesting!

This is fun, less expensive than most beer, and is tastes like nothing else. If you have never had a fresh homemade brew… you are really missing out!


Ingredients for Lager:
**Amounts may vary depending on where you get your supplies & what you are making.
Fresh cracked grains
Brewers yeast
Malt Extract (can be done with grains as well)
Hops 2-3 different kinds (can be pellets)
Clean filtered water
Priming sugar
Ice cubes
(all of this can be provided in the correct amounts from your local homebrew supplier)

Two 7 gallon buckets with spout
Bottling tubing
Bottle filler
Cheese cloth bag/Grain bag
Manual capper
24 bottles (22 ounce) & caps
Stock pot
Strainer (with catchers)
Pan with towel
Sanitizer powder
Grain alcohol (optional)
rubber gloves
Rubbermaid 30 gallon tote (or kiddie pool!)

Watch the video silly!

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My New Radio Spot!!!!

From the great people at Kiss 104.7

They did such a great job! This is fun, funny, and a perfect radio spot for me and my little site!


Menu From Mars Radio Spot!

How frikin cool was that?!

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RV12001 – Subs At Benedetti’s Deli!

Subs At Benedetti’s Deli in Haverhill, MA!

Monday’s Menu!
Home of the Rocket!
This is a review of one of my favorite foods on the planet! A Marc Anthony on a Fantini sub roll from Benedetti’s Deli in Haverhill, MA!
The family who owner operate this (Mary, Marc, & Ed) are some of the nicest people on the planet!
They really go the extra mile, make great subs on fresh bakery bread (from across the street!), and just make the whole experience a memory!

Beautiful food that is inexpensive and DELICIOUS! You will NEVER EVER convince me that there is a better sub place anywhere in the world… and for good reason!
Watch the show, but more importantly, go there and have one for yourself! You will not be sorry!

Benedetti’s Deli
350 Washington Street
Haverhill, MA 03832

Phone: 978-372-2097


It is SOOOOOOOOO worth the trip. if you are within 250-300 miles, make the trip… you’ll thank me!

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EP11009 – Homemade RAW Dog Food & Treats!

Homemade Raw Dog Food!

Monday’s Menu!
This is How we feed our dogs a nutritious, raw, healthy diet.
It does cost just a bit more than traditional dog food & treats, but not that much more. Also, when you consider that we hardly ever need to go to the vet, except for check ups, we actually save money doing this diet.

EVERY dog is different. Our puppy gets mostly raw meaty bones (drumsticks & bone in thighs), and even that meat changes depending on what is happening in the “meat market”!
We differ from Dr. Ian Billinghurt, but I recommend his books (listed below). DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH on this.

Bottom line is, if your dogs/cats were in the wild, they would never eat the processed food in a bag if they had a shot at live/raw food.

We switch up the meats we give. IE Pork, beef, chicken etc.

We also feed them offal (organ meat), recreational bones, yogurt treats, & a version of chicken jerky we make. But the puppy food and these other treats will have to be covered in a future episode.

This is easy, fairly inexpensive, and so good for your dog. Don’t be afraid to dive in, and switch your dog over. No need to phase them in, just go in cold turkey!…lol

After last Thanksgiving, we bought 10 Turkeys (25lbs) at .49 & .39 per pound! They eat the whole thing (after I chop it up into meal size proportions)
So doing this you can opportunistic! I ended up with 260lbs of turkey for around $110.00. YES, you will need a stand alone freezer!

I could go on and on here, but please do email me with any questions, and read the books, do research. This is simple, don’t be afraid!

REMEMBER, when you watch documentaries on wild dogs Wolves/Hyenas you never see them stop at the store for a bag of kibble, or drag their kill/carcass back to the den to cook at 350 in their oven.

You will also see crushed bone shards in their stool… THIS IS OKAY/NORMAL!

WARNING! WARNING! Although your dog/cat can handle most bones RAW… NEVER EVER feed them cooked pork/chicken bones. Dogs have a short digestive tract made for crushing up raw bones, cooked bones will splinter and could kill them. We have been doing this for over 12 years now, never had a dog get hurt eating raw bones, never had a dog get e coli, salmonella, or any other kind of sickness from raw food. (They eat rotten food in the wild)

Recommended books:
The Barf Diet (Raw Feeding for Dogs and Cats Using Evolutionary Principles): Dr. Ian Billinghurst
Grow Your Pups With Bones: Dr. Billinghurst


Raw meats of your choice, I suggest:
Chicken thighs, skinless (Bone in or out)
Boneless skinless chicken breast
Beef if it is 90% and cheap enough

90% ground beef or boneless skinless chicken breasts
1 tsp Kosher salt

Veggie cubes: (ALL RAW & UNCOOKED)
(Usually fruits & veggies in season)
Apple (less core) – never feed seeds
Pear (less core) – never feed seeds
Sweet Potato (with skin)
Carrot (with skin)
2-3 TBLs Virgin Flaxseed oil
Baby Spinach (about 2 handfuls)
Kelp (1/4 cup)
Alfalfa (1/4 cup)
Powdered Vitamin C (2TBLs – 1/4 cup)
Plain live culture yogurt (20-32 ounces)
Nzymes Bakpak Plus for pets (1/4 cup)
2-3 whole eggs washed

(We use everything, broccoli, squash… whatever is in season or looks good)

Cutting Board
Very Sharp Knife
Grinder (or you can hand cut)
Olive oil for your grinder parts
Food scale
Plastic tubs
Freezer bags (Quart)
Food processor
1 gallon ziplock (or piping bag)
Dehydrator (We use Nesco)
Freezer (we have 2 stand up freezers and 1 chest)
Silicon Ice Cube trays (buy cheap after holidays at Walmart/Target)

Watch the video silly!

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EP11010 – The Perfect Roast!

The Perfect Roast!

Monday’s Menu!
Whenever I have people over & serve roast; I always get asked how I form a nice crust on the outside & have a perfectly rare inside. This is all about timing and temperature! There is nothing like a spiced hard crust, while locking in all the juices and having a perfectly rare roast. I probably cook 2-3 of these per week… especially if I am on a diet. It is lean, there are few calories, and it is a whole food.

The problem with most roasts is that they get obliterated during the cooking process in an attempt to make sure they are cooked through. Most people treat their roasts like they treat their hamburger, yet they are two very different cuts. Roast are processed FAR less than burger, and hence pose far less danger if cooked a bit on the rare side. Don’t torture your family with a dry, tough, mealy roast. Serve them something juicy and done perfectly!

My son hates all food that isn’t processed! But even he eats my roasts! It’s easy, quick, & inexpensive. It will also get your children to love roast night!

REMEMBER, about 12 minutes for a smaller one & 16-18 for a larger one. Play with the times to get it right where you like it (+/- a minute at a time!)

Eye of Round Beef Roast (Angus Eye Round)
Garlic Powder
Coarsely Ground Black Pepper
Onion Powder/Salt

Cutting Board
Very Sharp Knife
9X9 Cooking Dish (Pyrex)

Watch the video silly!

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EP11007 – Tiramisu!


Monday’s Menu!
I have been asked for a dessert recipe, and this is the one I will start with. I have a ton of recipes for great desserts, and I happened to film this episode this past summer. My sister asked for this recipe just a few days ago, so I figured I better get it on the site! This, if followed correctly, will make a wonderful Tiramisu with filling/topping that stands up nicely, and has just the right amount of firmness. The sweetness of the mascarpone/whipped cream balanced against the espresso & rum, make for an unbelievable mixture of tastes and textures. This is something I get asked to make every year for a family reunion… and it always gets finnished!

This episode is nearly 50 minutes, but that is because it is a long process and I wanted to be sure you got to see everything. There is nothing worse than trying to follow a recipe, and having a step truncated or skipped for time constraints. On the bright side, I put 5 15-20 second commercials with Uhn-Cletus in the episode to break it up!

Enjoy… and wait until you taste this!

Several packages of sugared lady fingers (at least 2)
3 8 ounce packages Mascarpone cheese
16 ounces CHILLED Heavy Cream
Rum ( I suggest Rhum Barbancourt Estate Reserve 15 years)
Espresso (something top shelf)
6 large egg yokes (room temperature & wash shells with antibacterial soap)
1 1/2 cups sugar
1 package plain/original Gelatin
1 VERY dark chocolate candy bar

Stand Mixer (or beater)
several large bowls (Remember to chill the ones for the cream and cheese)
Wire wisk
Stove top Espresso pot
9X13 Pyrex casserole dish (or comparable, mine says 9 1/2 by 13 1/2)
Measuring spoon & cups
Glass pie plate, or shallow bowl/container
Plastic wrap
Refrigerator & Freezer

Watch the video silly!

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Preview of 7th Episode! – Tiramisu

Here is a preview of my first dessert recipe! (It wont be my last, I have a TON!)

Also I have put 5 small commercials in this episode spoofing the 1800 commercials!
(A lot of fun doing these!) Thank you to Indee & Jack for the suit!

This will be my longest episode to date…
reason being is that this is a fairly involved process and I wanted to make sure I got it all in for you guys!
Desserts can be that way… and I am pushing right up against YouTube’s limits again with this one…lol

This will be uploaded to YouTube over night Sunday, and I will post it here Monday morning!

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EP11006 – Canning Made Easy!

Canning Made Easy!!

Monday’s Menu!
Here is a show about canning your sauces. When you are pressed for time, and have to choose between homemade and store bought, sometimes you end up with a lesser store bought sauce. Then whatever effort you put into the meal is wasted. This way, you can make double, triple or more batches, can/jar them, and store them on a shelf. Then the next time you want a nice homemade sauce, you just go to the closet and open a jar! Now the effort you put into making a meal is not spoiled…. it is made better by using one of your own homemade sauces!!!!

The best part about this, is it only took you the time it takes to open a jar!

Now, it is important that you follow the direction exactly to ensure safety and health for your family. You cant can/jar any sauces with meat in them. (for obvious reasons)
Follow these easy steps, and have homemade sauces any day of the week! (You can also do pickles etc…coming soon!)

Your favorite sauces!

Canning/Stock Pot
White hand towels (nothing with dyes)
Mason Jars, rings, & NEW lids
Jar extractor (your really need this)
Canning funnel

Watch the video silly!

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EP11005 – Homemade Barbecue Sauce!

Homemade Barbecue Sauce!

“Monday’s Menu!”
This is my homemade BBQ sauce recipe. This takes some time to do right, but the end result is something you will love. This is 100 times better than any store bought sauce… AND if you follow this exactly, as far as amounts, you can jar/can it and it will last months on your shelf.

The best part of this is that you can take my recipe, and tweak it to taste exactly the way you want it to. Just make this, then take 10oz out (when finished) and add things to it to see if you like it! If you get a winning mix, just add that to the recipe!

Here is what you need for this recipe!

Homemade Barbecue Sauce:

1 Block of Bacon Fat (from whole package of bacon)
3 Bell Peppers
3 Onions
3 Jalapeno Peppers
1 Clove garlic (minced well)
3 Cans Tomato Sauce (28oz)
6 cups Ketchup
2 cups water
1 small bottle of Merlot
2 1/2 cups Worcestershire Sauce
2/ 1/2 cups Brown Sugar (Light or Dark)
1 1/2 cups Cider Vinegar
3/4 cup Lemon/Lime Juice (I use both)
1 cup Unsulfured Molasses
3/4 cup Frank’s Red Hot
3/4 cup Spicy Brown Mustard
2 Tablespoons Black Pepper (Coarsely Ground preferred)
2 1/2 Tablespoons Chili Powder
2 Tablespoons Top Shelf Bourbon (Before & after cooking)
3 Tablespoons Wright’s Hickory Liquid Smoke

Stock Pot
Food Processor
Sharp Knife
Cutting Board
Measuring Cups and Spoons

Watch the video silly!

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